Fundraising and Marketing Specialist

İşin təsviri

- Provision of support to and cooperation with the selected consulting company implementing the fundraising market study in Azerbaijan.
- Development and implementation of a strategy and concrete plans and budgets for attracting resources (financial and in-kind) from the individual givers, local communities/general population and corporate sector, including digital platforms, with the support of the IFRC, management of AzRC and close cooperation with the team of the AzRC, taking into account market study, market trends and the current economic situation in the country.
- Proposing on the structure and staffing of the Fundraising and Income Generation Department
- Drafting internal documents of the Fundraising and Income Generation Department, including regulations on the department, job descriptions, duties, etc.
- Compilation and development of a CRM database.
- Ensuring the effective work of the resource mobilization team, in accordance with the Strategy.
- Support the work of staff and volunteers responsible for resource mobilization in the regions, regularly review their activities and provide assistance in developing concrete and efficient plans.
- Providing training and upskilling of the AzRC resource mobilization team.
- Coordinate the work of the AzRC branches in order to develop a partnership programme with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to develop fundraising in communities, providing overall strategic direction, materials, key messages, communication plans, etc.
- Setting financial income targets for each fundraising channel per year and systematically working on achieving these goals. Development of projects for various types of partnerships (for example, in the field of co-branding, general partnerships and support for specific programs, donations from company employees, sponsorship, corporate volunteering) in close cooperation with the management and team of the AzRC.
- Developing and updating the quality materials that will be used in project proposals, addresses and presentations for partners.
- Conducting regular market monitoring in order to find new opportunities and options for cooperation with the corporate sector and promoting individual (including digital) donations.
- Establishing mutually beneficial contacts, as well as maintaining strategic contacts, both with external partners and within the Movement. Representing AzRC among potential major donors through presentations, projects, joint actions, etc.
- Bring in the best practices, new trends and innovations in the field of fundraising, as well as new areas of interest to corporate partners and in the field of individual giving. Study the experience of other Partner National Societies and charitable organizations in the field of corporate fundraising.
- Coordination of activities (internal and external), reporting, monitoring, data management and performing other administrative tasks
- Monitoring and analysis of the AzRC resource mobilization activities, awareness of similar activities both within the Movement and within the country (NGOs, etc.), in order to timely identify both strategically important opportunities for fundraising and the main risks and, accordingly, schemes responding to them.
- Support the Public Relation campaigns and information dissemination of the ongoing projects of the AzRC.
- Providing high-quality and timely reporting to partners in accordance with agreements and deadlines.
- Regularly communicate with existing and potential corporate donors in order to promote the results of the AzRC activity, its goods and services, and attract financial, material, legal, human and other resources to be donated by establishing new partnerships.
- Prepare and launch appeals for emergent donation campaigns in times of disasters in close cooperation with all structural divisions of the AzRC.
- Track and process all incoming donations in accordance with internal procedures and ensure that all mobilized income is properly recorded.
- Ensuring compliance with the principles of ethical fundraising of the AzRC.

Duties applicable to all staff:

- Actively work towards the achievement of the AzRC goals.
- Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles.
- Perform any other work related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager.

Education and experience required:

- Higher education (marketing, business administration, management, communications, international relations);
- Experience in marketing, public relations, working with corporate partners / sponsors, sales, business administration (2 years or more);
- Experience in raising funds for an organization (2 years or more);
- Experience in building strong relationships with partners, sponsors, clients and stakeholders;
- Experience of systematic work in accordance with the set goals and deadlines, the ability to work under pressure;
- Experience of representing the organization outside of it and experience of public speaking.

Education and experience preferred:

- MBA in management or marketing;
- Experience in management positions (2 years or more);
- Experience in developing high-quality project proposals, marketing products;
- Experience in developing and implementing strategies;
- Experience in writing, implementing and managing projects;
- Experience in developing, writing and applying for grants for large projects;

Desired profile and skills:

- Fluently spoken and written English;
- Knowledge of Russian is an asset;
- Organizational skills with experience in multitasking and prioritization;
- Planning and reporting skills;
- Excellent communication skills, both written and oral;
- Strong analytical and creative skills;
- Good interpersonal and teamwork skills, ability to work independently;
- High level of computer literacy and knowledge of MS Office;
- Ability to motivate staff and volunteers, especially in crisis situations;
- Experience with CRM database.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are welcome to send their CV’s by the subject “Fundraising and Marketing specialist” to the following email address: [email protected]

Application closing date: 22 October 2021

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