Call-center operator

İşin təsviri


  • Call-center operators are being recruited to work with US vendors, technicians and customers. The company in the USA (Houston, Texas) manufactures and programs all types of keys for premises and cars, the call-center is an outsourcing.
  • We need people with excellent knowledge of English, who can type quickly and communicate correctly with people of different races, religions, cultures and moods.
  • Experience as an operator is not required.
  • There will be online chat form communication with representatives of the partner companies who supply us with jobs and technicians.
  • Working hours (evening and nighttime): 17:00-01:00, 01:00-09:00. 
  • Office work.
  • Shifts between workers will change.
  • 1-2 day(s) off per week.


  • Perfect knowledge of English;
  • Competent and clear speech;
  • Good diction;
  • Good knowledge of PC;
  • Sociability;
  • Emotional stability.

Salary Range: 1000 azn  

Email: [email protected]

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