Frontend/Backend internship program

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İşin təsviri

Required technical skills and qualifications for Backend internship:

  • Computer Science knowledge
  • OOP 
  • Java/С#/Python/JS programming language experience (one of them)
  • Spring/.NET/FastAPI/Nest.js (experience with one of these frameworks is a plus but not required) 

Required technical skills and qualifications for Frontend internship:

  • Computer Science knowledge
  • HTML Core knowledge: Forms, SEO basics, Semantic HTML
  • JavaScript Core knowledge: Event Bubbling, ES6, Hoisting
  • CSS Core knowledge: Box model, FlexBox, CSS Grid
  • React/Vue/Svelte (experience with one of these frameworks is a plus but not required) 

Desirable personal qualities:

  • Willingness to own a product you are working on
  • Be an excellent team player
  • Focus on growth as a software engineer
  • Willingness to constantly improve your product: new paradigms, technologies, frameworks, etc.


  • You will be pushed to your limits
  • Work in an agile, positive, inspiring environment
  • Becoming a member of a startup
  • Gaining experience working on real products
  • Mentoring from experienced devs
  • Opportunity to become a full-time employee after completing the internship program 
  • Lunch at the office
  • Salary (300 AZN)

Interested candidates should submit a resume with the subject "Backend internship" or "Frontend internship" depending on your role.

For both roles, please answer the question in the mail "Why should Kibrit.Tech choose you for the internship program?" in English or Azeri

Email: [email protected]