Chief Financial Officer

İşin təsviri

CFO (Chief Financial Officer):

List of essential requirements for the Financial Director:

● Availability of appropriate higher education and experience in financial management for at least 5 years;
● An advantage for a specialist with experience in financial sphere will be international diplomas, certificates of professional development, such as ACCA, CIMA, CPA, or equivalent international certificates;
● PC ownership and knowledge of 1C and ERP management accounting programmes;
● Knowledge and ability to establish a financial accounting system in compliance with MCFO/GAAP standards to implement internal controls, archiving and disclosure procedures;
● Knowledge of bookkeeping entry, financial and management accounting basics, tax and auditing accounting and knowledge of financial and economic activity of the company;
● Knowledge of normative and legislative acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
● Formation and strategic planning of the company's financial policy, and setting up of management accounting and internal audit systems;
● Value engineering, financial resources attracting and operational activities;
● Management of Company's financial risks and financial flows:
○ Expenditures monitoring and ensuring the efficient use of resources;
○ Control of income and provision of the Company with finances (including credit);
○ Working with investors and banks, rules for writing off receivables, and settlements with debtors and creditors;
● Ensuring the economic security:
○ Analysis and management of possible financial risks;
○ Monitoring of the Company's activity in accordance with the current legislation;
● Carrying out of financial and economic analysis of the Company's transactions;
● The collective of financial and accounting units monitoring;
● Assessment of staff performance based on job descriptions and objectives of the Finance Department;
● Free possession of the Azerbaijani, English and Russian language.

The following requirements of personal qualities are applied to candidates:

● Strategic thinking and stress management;
● Punctuality;
● Discipline;
● Responcibility;
● Promtless.

Interested Candidates please send your CV to [email protected] indicating vacancy title as a subject.