Marketing Intern

İşin təsviri


  • Develop tools and methods for collecting data such as surveys, opinion polls or questionnaires;
  • Collect and analyse data to identify consumer trends;
  • Research consumer opinions and marketing strategies and propose adjustments to current strategies accordingly;
  • Create graphic representations of data and translate complex research into easily readable content for stakeholders and other departments;
  • Preparing marketing proposals and presentations based on company needs;
  • Measuring consumer satisfaction with products or services;
  • Monitoring and managing the company’s social media platforms, adjusting outreach tactics as needed.

Additional Information:

  • Salary - Minimum salary;
  • Work schedule: Monday-Friday (09:30-18:30);
  • Place of work: Baku, Qafqaz Business Center.


  • Knowledge of marketing strategies, including continuing education of new marketing tactics and tools;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to translate complex research into a common language;
  • Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software;
  • Aptitude with various social media platforms as well as the data tracking tools associated with them;
  • Familiarity with consumer psychology and buying habits;
  • Ability to quickly learn and process information;
  • Organization and time management skills;

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