Secondary School Psychologist

İşin təsviri

Essential functions: May include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Complete initial evaluations, additional assessments and three-year re-evaluation
  • Evaluate the results of tests in relation to the cultural, environmental, and language backgrounds of students. 
  • Participate as a member of the IEP team to develop IEP goals, objectives, adaptations, accommodations, modifications and instructional plans; implement and monitor the IEP per designated psychological and/or counseling services. 
  • Write detailed and individualized reports concerning psychological observations, assessments and evaluations; provide input in the formulation of educational, developmental and remediation plans and strategies for various disabilities, disorders and other student issues. 
  • Perform a variety of professional activities involved in the observation, assessment and treatment of mental health issues among the student population at assigned school sites. 
  • Attend and participate in IEP, early intervention /pre-referral meetings and other assigned meetings and conferences for both regular and special education students; collaborate with staff and administrators in the formulation, development and implementation of IEP’s, behavior plans and related services, and goals and objectives.
  • Counsel students individually and in small groups using a variety of data gathering and therapy techniques to monitor progress. 
  • Provide crisis intervention and counseling for students and families during crisis situations as needed. Serve as a resource to site and district personnel and members of the school community concerning youth services. 
  • Consult and work collaboratively with all district personnel, parents and other agencies.

Knowledge of: 

High English, Azerbaijan and Russian languages knowledge 

State laws and regulations surrounding the provision of special education services and district policies and procedures; principles, methods, techniques, strategies, and trends in educational, social, and emotional adjustment assessment functions; applicable and appropriate psychological and achievement instruments, techniques, and procedures; social services and youth services agencies; social, emotional and behavioral characteristics of pre-school and school age students; evaluation and research techniques, strategies and procedures; basic computer and instructional technology skills. 

Ability to: Effectively and efficiently assess students and aid them in analyzing and developing alternative solutions to behavioral, educational, social and emotional issues and concerns; conduct, analyze and effectively utilize a variety of individual and group counseling techniques applicable to students with learning, behavioral and emotional needs; effectively work with site and district personnel, parents, social services and youth service agencies in resolving student ussies and learning plans; organize and manage a caseload at multiple sites; communicate effectively in oral and written form; establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with all stakeholders; follow applicable state and federal timelines; understand and carry out oral and written directions with minimal accountability controls; establish and maintain effective organizational, public and community relationships.

Education and experience: 

Master’s Degree Required, Highly Desirable Pre-School and Primary School  experience highly desirable

Application procedures:

If you are interested to apply, please send a detailed letter of intent with a CV addressing relevant qualifications and experience to e-mail.

Email:  [email protected]


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