Lawyer – Contracts Specialist

İşin təsviri

Position name: Lawyer – Contracts Specialist
Reports to: Head of Legal Department

Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensures accurate application of normative acts at the Company;
• verifies compliance of all documentation related to the Company’s activity (resolutions, orders, directives, regulations, procedures, etc.) with the legislation before their implementation and expresses his/her endorsement, if necessary (by signing on appropriate places of documents);
• ensures taking legal measures together with the management to remove breaches;
• prepares civil and legal agreements, verifies compliance of any agreement with the laws and the Company’s interests, if submitted by the other party and expresses his/her endorsement, when necessary (by signing on appropriate places of documents);
• prepares and implements package of documents for state registration, reorganization and liquidation of legal person(s) with respect to the activity of the Company;
• prepares and implements necessary package of documents for state registration of amendments made in the constitutive documents of the legal entity and subsequent amendments to the registered facts;
• supervises over preparation and circulation of staff/accounting related documents at the Company in compliance with the laws, provides legal consultancy and submits efficient proposals;
• prepares documents required for pre-trial solution of disputes (claims) for the purpose of defense of interests of the Company protected by law, ensures their submission to the other party, uses other legal defense means to achieve desirable consequences;
• uses all necessary procedural opportunities at the court in a capacity of representative duly appointed by virtue of the Power of Attorney for the purpose of protection of the Company’s interests at the court;
• lodges appeals before high instance courts about the decisions of the court;
• takes measures by using legal means for the purpose of reimbursement of material and moral damages incurred by the Company;
• submits, receives back, signs and if necessary, pays state duties for legal documents that are required by state authorities and municipalities;
• provides legal consultancy, opinions and references related to the activity of the Company;
• Reviewing contracts and other legal documents to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and company policies;

• Works with Head of Legal Department to develop and implement a contract/agreement administrative process and establish procedures for monitoring compliance. Assists in reviewing contract/agreement provisions; researches, analyzes and proposes possible changes, clarifications and addition or deletion of terms, conditions, specifications or language;
• Maintains and keeps current an electronic library of contract/agreement templates approved by Head of Legal Department staff for use by all staff. Ensures templates meet all laws and regulations;
• Provides highly responsible and complex assistance to the management of Company in preparing requests for proposals for professional/technical services and contract/agreement documents, reviewing and evaluating responses and bids for conformity to document requirements and recommending contract/consultant for selection;
• Keeps informed regarding proposed or new legislation or regulations, court decisions, industry trends or concerns and innovations in the fields of public administration and contract management to efficiently and effectively administer Company;
• Identification and mitigation of risks in connection with the conclusion and implementation of contracts;
• Commercial evaluation of contracts;
• Inclusion in contracts language ensuring commercial interests of the company.


Education and Experience

• Higher education in law and legal fields;
• Work Experience: minimum 5 years as a legal counsel in a law firm or as an in-house lawyer. 

Skill, Knowledge and Abilities


• Strong communication and negotiation skills;
• Ability to work in a team;
• Ability to work under pressure and in flexible working hours;
• Adaptation to change;
• Fluent in spoken and written English with an excellent command of written and spoken Azerbaijani and Russian;
• Excellent Computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Internet, etc.).

E-mail: [email protected]