TT Group

TT Group is a consortium of companies making a difference in the field of Solar Projects. We are BESPOKE in CONSTRUCTION. As a Group, our main achievements in 200MW PV Solar Plant: We were the 1st company of UAE to enter the 260MWp Solar Project on labour basis and were able to quickly develop the skill set required. Out of 1.5 Million safe man hours on DEWA 260MWp, we contributed 850,000 safe man hours.

Supply of more than 50 heavy equipment during the construction of this project. Arranged permissions and certifications from UAE authorities including RTA, Dubai Police, UAE Customs, and Immigration Offices etc. Supply of complete office staff, labour staff, HSSE staff and Ambulances. Provided 350,000 Gallons Diesel; 12 Million Gallons Salt Water; 300,000 Gallons Sweet Water; and 50,000 Gallons Drinking Water. Collected 500 tons of waste.

With zero accident, shipped 5,000 cargo containers of panels and solar modules. Moved 125,000 tons of cargo inside site. Provided 17,000 m3 of <1 resistivity sand. Our teams are highly skilled and quick learner for new ventures. At present, we are working on DEWA 800MW with 350+ work force. TT Group! The only local company from Dubai with skilled workforce ready for any type of solar related activities.

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