SOCAR Nipi Neftegas

NIPI "Neftegas"​ was established by executive order of SOCAR’s President №95, 21.07.2009 pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic №126, 20.07.2009 “About upgrading of SOCAR’s structure”, due to the integration of SOCAR’s two institutes – the Scientific Research Institute and the Oil Gas Project Institute. More than 1200 inventions were made over a period of the NIPI "Neftegas"​ activity. High scientific engineering potential and wide experience of scientists and specialists, collected over long years, guarantee advanced level of solution of complex scientific and project-engineering problems for integrated oil deposits development under various mining and geological conditions.

Scientific investigations of physical-chemical properties of oil, gas, water, core, suitability of demulsifiers, drilling fluids’ property measurement and other investigations are performed on advanced certified devices and laboratory facility, which comply with worldwide standards. NIPI "Neftegas"​ possesses large stock of advanced computer hardware and problem-oriented software. The information base that NIPI "Neftegas"​ has collected over long years is one of its possessions. Scientific-and-technical library of the Institute comprises more than 80 thousand books, 100 thousand scientific and technical journals and other publications.

NIPI "Neftegas"​ possesses licenses for execution of more than 50 kinds of design and exploration works covering the territory of the Azerbaijani Republic. Quality Management System of the project and Quality Management System of scientific research works of the Institute is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV, Norway) pursuant to ISO 9001:2008. “Oil&Gas Scientific Research and Project” Institute possesses wide work experience with large-scale and small oil companies in a number of world countries.