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We are an Azerbaijani Company with roots deeply embedded in the Israeli HI-TECH Industry. We serve the Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity needs of Governments, Critical Infrastructure Organizations and Enterprise Corporations in building a safe and secure Computing Environment.

Our client relationships are based on trust, respect, integrity and open communication. It is the foundation of a good partnership. We strive to develop strong collaboration with our clients by understanding their objectives, needs, operational requirements and risks.

We apply technological supremacy, data analytics and a business-driven mindset to help companies to translate organizational goals and strategy into a prioritized and cost-effective security and cybersecurity plan. We empower companies to implement their goals and strategies in order to mitigate risks and threats and excel in the age of cyber.

PROSOL has demonstrated managerial, technological and operational records in IT and Cybersecurity fields, working experience with military, governments, and corporates, well-connected to the IT and Cybersecurity Industry, Vendors and Organizations.

We hold both methodological and strategic capabilities and demonstrated experience in Project Management and Systems Integration.

Our area of expertise also focuses on service marketplace, providing exceptional services such as BI, Predictive Analytics, AI, Cloud Services, NOC/SOC Solutions integration, GDPR Compliance, IT Project and Services at all levels, training, assimilation, as well as Help Desk Services.

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Our team is led by professionals with many years of experience in performing IT and Security Assessment and a wide understanding of the needs to build better productivity and maintain business continuity with the latest technological developments.

Our mission is to be better, faster and smarter with an agile team of experts in Information Technologies and Cybersecurity Domain to drive our mission forward.

Our Cyber Intelligence team unites the qualified Israeli experts with over 30 year experience with the brightest young local experts specializing in advanced methods of Data Collection and Analysis, actionable intelligence on threats and review of trends and latest developments in the area of Cybersecurity. This means that the team can not only benefit from the experience but also to fully support the IT structure of its partners with innovative solutions from young minds.


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We cooperate with our clients to maintain business continuity by using data recovery, smart infrastructure and advanced cybersecurity.

We make it easier for our clients to meet world standards, increase their productivity and spark a digital revolution through innovative technologies such as BI, Analytics and AI.

We convey the most far-reached Israeli and world knowledge into an Azerbaijani technology powerhouse.