Prime Partners DMC

    Prime DMC is a consultation firm in the business field. The company ensures business consultancy and special legal services for foreign citizens in Azerbaijan. The purpose of our company is to enlarge corporative proficiency and fulfillment based on results, efficiently uniting processes. Covering all type of business services, people and systems according to customers’ private requests in one point are also included in our purpose. International & Azerbaijan Business Law, Immigration Law, Civil Law, Real Estate, Franchising, Marketing, Tax & Accounting, Business Coaching and IT are involved in our unique business field and legal services.

    The Solution cooperates with all companies, cross-divisional units and regions. There is a different unit of partners providing comprehensible consultation abilities, services and deeply understanding of your business in the group. Prime DMC becomes specialized in the evolvement and accomplishment of steady resolutions which are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients. We strive to improve our main consulting fields in a systematic and successive manner.Proximity to our clients when creating solutions, ensuring the usage of internal new technology methods and quick sharing of knowledge are included in the strength of the Solution.