NWC Azerbaijan

Since its establishment in 2007 North West Construction LLC (NWC) has developed into a modern construction and engineering company with a record of complex and state-of-the-art projects implemented in Azerbaijan and abroad. Some of the prominent projects in North West Construction's portfolio, among others, include: - Tovuz Road construction - Tovuz Irrigation and Water Distribution Systems Pipeline - Ganja Mall - Bravo Hypermarkets and Bravo Distribution Warehouse - Sumgait Tobacco Factory NWC also participated in: - Port Baku Towers - Port Baku Residence - Baku White City - Knights Bridge (Residential Complex) - Baku Boulevard Hotel - Baku Intourist Hotel - Pik Palace Shahdag Hotel North West Construction's expertise includes construction and engineering of industrial facilities, multifunctional buildings and complexes, roads, bridges, tunnels and other transportation infrastructure systems, water and sewage systems, e.t.c. North West Construction also provides project management services.

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