Novamedia MMC

From the very start, various forms of media were a specific vehicle to our organisation and we have proved that this particular field of expertise has no secrets for us.

In 1989, we launched a new format which helped our accumulated knowledge reach its full potential. This was the year de Postcode Loterij saw the light of day. Since then, Charity Lotteries in several countries work with our formats and they have given us the opportunity to use our knowledge of the media landscape for the benefit of society. In the past 29 years, we have collected a dazzling sum of 10 billion euros for charity. Our main mission is to use our ambition and knowledge to stimulate and improve society.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities. Wherever we believe our experience and expertise in the field of media may make a difference, we hope to contribute proactively. Good examples of this are our activities in the fields of literature and publishing.

We are confident that people still want to read, learn and discover, albeit perhaps in new ways. Through our knowledge of and experience with (new) media, we aim to find different ways for people to learn and to grow. Our society and its needs are evolving, but we have found that old media are often slow to adapt to changes. We want to bring back the entrepreneurial spirit to that collective cultural experience of reading and thus revive literature and reading. We do this with the passion and persistence that have become our trademarks over the years

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