MANADS – new advertisement technology

Every year companies spend lots of money on advertisement but in most cases it is impossible to count the explicit results and effectiveness of advertisement. New advertisement technology Manads provides advertisers with broad statistic data, users’ feedback and analytic modules; as a result the companies have an opportunity to define effectiveness of their advertisement. By means of Manads’ broad filtering tool the companies will be able to choose their segment easily and to deliver their products and services to the customers directly. Through Manads system the companies will also be able to hold surveys among users as well as arrange sales of company products via system.

With Manads the users will be able to earn money and points by watching advertisement. The users can cash the earned money or to arrange payments via other means. With collected points the users will be able to win presents in contest to be held every month, to obtain various marks with advantages and to have shopping in Manads online shop. By inviting their friends to the platform the users will get a chance to earn more money and points. At the same time they will use the service of free messages and calls in the system.

Manads advantages for users:

• Earn money by watching advertisement

• A chance to win present by collected points

• Shopping in online shop by means of points

• To obtain marks with discounts and advantages by means of points

• To earn more by inviting friends to the platform

• To use services of free messages and calls.

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