Linguist Language Centre

Linguist Language Center specializes in Language Education. In 1994, the Golden Contact was signed, a lot of foreign companies started coming to Baku. Oil was and still has been the main natural resource of Azerbaijan and it is attracting more and more companies to our country. Specialists with the good knowledge of foreign languages were (are) required. Having researched the local marker we came to conclusion that there wasn’t enough schools providing professional language trainings to the specialists

   Linguist Language Center was founded in January 2010 to fill the niche in  the educational field.  Our main aim is to help people understand and communicate happily with each other.

    Azerbaijan has been growing fast and there are still more and more foreign companies interested in working in our city.  During the last 5 years Baku has hosted some international events like Eurovision, The First European Games in the World, Formula 1 and other global forums and conferences. This also led to the increased interest of most countries in Azerbaijan.


 Another reason is that young generation is keen on getting higher or further education in different European countries.  We are here to help them to overcome the language barrier.

Since its establishment in 2010 the center has supported hundreds of students in learning languages. Our main aim is to help people from different countries to understand  and communicate happily with each other.

 Initially the Center was founded as a translation center but 2 year later we expanded and provided our first English lessons to corporate clients. Since then we have been working in both translation and teaching fields.


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