IT GRUP was founded in 2000 and since then was involved in major local and regional projects for Downstream industry. IT GRUP was the first company which develops and implements for Romania the unattended concepts in DOWNSTREAM industry by certifying and implementing the first 18 Full unattended Petrol stations in Romania (AUTOMAT project). Along with this challenging project and based on our experience, our focus was to automate processes and offer an enhanced user interaction with all our developed systems.

Our customers use our full software and hardware infrastructure: * Head Office System platform – manages the entire network of PS * Retail system platform – manages the entire business of each PS * Fleet Card System platform – manages the Company Fleet Cards transactions * OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) – manages all card transactions (bank cards, local fleet cards, international fleet cards) All these achievements places IT GRUP as a leader in Software Companies which provides end-to-end solutions for DOWNSTREAM Market. References: State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) OSCAR DOWNSTREAM