Isgandarov & Partners LLC

Established in 2005, Isgandarov and Partners LLC has been engaged in providing advisory services in the fields of management, accounting and finance, corporate governance and strategy development.

Since 2008 - to 2015, Isgandarov and Partners LLC held correspondent membership with DFK International a World-wide Association of Independent Accounting Firms and Business Advisers that has been meeting the needs of clients with interests in more than one country for more than 50 years. The association has over 360 offices across the world.

Isgandarov and Partners LLC has ended its long-term successful membership with DFK International in 2015 with the aim to focus on redirected corporate activity.

Isgandarov & Partners, LLC has undergone major restructuring in 2016 by switching its activity to providing Management and Production Engineering Advisory Services. Isgandarov & Partners, LLC is aimed to provide advisory services to new start-up and existing businesses operating in organic manufacturing industries, including but not limited to, agriculture, bakery and food processing & manufacturing, medicinal herbs processing & manufacturing, wood, paper and glass processing & manufacturing.
Our advisory services include the offerings from project design stage to its implementation and overseeing of the operations.


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