Imperial Ceramic Center

"IMPERIAL CERAMIC CENTRE" is one of the companies that have proved itself in construction industry in Azerbaijan during many years. Being a construction company we are cooperating with well-known companies in Europe and China and considered to be the official representative of these companies in Azerbaijan.

For many years the company has also gained customers’ respect due to its professionalism all the times. This is why we made available to the customers our second recently designed and renovated "IMPERIAL GALLERY" store.

As"IMPERIAL CERAMIC CENTRE" we offer our customers the following construction materials and accessories:

1) Tile and Ceramic Plates

2) Granite and marble

3) Facade Coverings

4) Mosaic for swimming pools

5) Decorative glasses and glass mosaics

6) Mirrors

7) Bathroom accessories

Our main principle as "IMPERIAL CERAMIC CENTRE" is always to satisfy our customers. Therefore we provide the following services to our customers free of charge:

1) Delivering the purchased goods to customers’ address

2) High quality design services

3) Taking measures by the designers.

4) Importing of large-scale orders from Europe and China in a short period of time

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! If you wish to repair your houses, villas, offices or buildings with quality products, and make people around jealous then pass your way from our shops. Because, along with high quality of products, we also cater to all kinds of tastes with our high quality design services. We are sure that our love to what we are doing and professionalism will be worthily appreciated by you.