Hell Energy Drink Ltd

HELL ENERGY is one of the world’s most dynamically evolving FMCG brands as attested by their quick success and exploding export market. The 100% Hungarian-owned brand was established in 2006 and was dominating the domestic market by 2010 and has since become a determining player on the international energy drink market boasting 50 export countries. Apart from Hungary, HELL Energy drinks lead the market in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus and Macedonia. HELL ENERGY’s success is down to excellent quality and the brand’s reasonable prices, wide availability (striving to establish 70% distribution in each country), international marketing communication background and positioning according to consumer needs. HELL ENERGY is in a  unique position on the energy drink market in that we can safely say they are market leaders in multiple countries, with a strong brand, their own bottling plant and aluminum can factory which provide an unparalleled strategic position globally as well.

When creating the portfolio of HELL energy drinks, prevailing consumer needs play the foremost role. Apart from the classics (32 mg/100 ml caffeine content, fruit medley flavor), the brand offers a variety of innovative beverages such as HELL STRONG products with +20% caffeine for especially challenging situations or their HELL Zero sugar-free product family. The company’s mission is to follow the trends and produce functional beverages that, apart from the usual energy drink ingredients, contain something extra. This led to the creation of HELL STRING Focus in 2017 with added magnesium and L-carnitine, and HELL ENERGY Active, which debuted in 2018. With its BCAA and L-carnitine content as well as 60% less sugar, this product is for those leading an active, health-conscious lifestyle.

The slogan “Gives you power like hell” encapsulates all the values HELL ENERGY strives to provide in order to help the consumer meet the challenges of everyday life. Apart from world-class flavor and design, HELL’s main strengths are its excellent value for money and attractive brand image.

The first international marketing milestone was the two-year sponsorship deal with the AT&T Williams Formula 1 Team, where HELL became a pioneer among Hungarian companies and second in the energy drink sector to enter the world of Formula 1 Racing. Currently, international marketing activities are focused on drift and rally events. The brand is also active in technical sports and auto-motor sports. In 2019 HELL became the main sponsor of KCMG, one of the teams participating in the world’s highest level touring car competition series, the WTCR, while continuing their collaboration with a talented young driver, Attila Tassi, who competes as a member of KCMG as Honda’s factory-backed driver.

2018 marked yet another milestone for the brand as they embarked on a unique ad campaign with Hollywood actor Bruce Willis playing the leading role.

For HELL ENERGY social responsibility is among their core corporate values: HELL organizes charity events every year and stands in support of the less fortunate when they are in need.

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