Halla Energy and Environment

Under the corporate philosophy of "Human beings are the nature itself", in the 1970s Halla Energy & Environment entered into the environmental industry at its pionner stage in Korea.

Fore more than 40 years since established, we have successfully completed a lot of environmental projects and developed and acumulated high technology in the fields of various wate treatment, and air pollution control. Now, we have grown up to and maintaining a leading industry group in this fields. Hall Energy and Environment is newly born as a specialized E.P.C. supplier of toal plants including entered new & renewable energy facilities, operation and maintenance of facilities, civil and construction work.

Korea's largest environment and energy company of Halla Energy & Environment has the capability to carry out all environmental industrial plants, and civil & construction works on a turnkey basis ranging from feasibility studies to design, manufacturing, construction, operation & manintenance, and A/S based on abundant technology and performance.

All employees, based on honesty and trust at Hall Energy & Environment "as we, through the advanced technology, are creating the world in a harmony with people and nature", will do our best efforts to fulfil our social responsibilities and to become a company whose grows with stakeholders.

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