Fast Print LLC

Humble Beginnings

Fast Print LLC was founded in 1987 in the town of Fort Lee, New Jersey. The owner, Anthony Clemente, already had previous experience as a printer having learned the trade from his father. Anthony works alongside his sister Elaine and the two of them run the business together as a family. The company was founded following the retirement of their father and continues to provide quality printing services to the local community.

Personalized Service

One of the core principles of the company is to provide excellent, personalized service. Both Anthony and Elaine grew up in the town of Fort Lee and have been involved with the community and helped see it grow. As a result, the type of service provided by Fast Print is much the same as the level of care and commitment you'd get from asking a friendly neighbor. Fast Print differentiates itself through its determination to help its customers every step of the way.

Traditional Printing

Over the years, the printing industry has changed, through our shifting economy and rapid development of newer technologies. However, amidst all this change, one thing has remained the same at Fast Print: our level of quality.

Our printing process and the way we handle each project takes inspiration from traditional printers and classical techniques. We put as much care and effort into our process as a printer would have done in the old days with a more hands on approach to printing.

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