Eigen Ltd

    Eigen was formed in 2007 following the successful delivery of a series of complex integration projects for an oil major in the Caspian. One of the reasons for the success of the projects was the multi-disciplined nature of the team combined with the experience in technology delivery from working in the hi-tech industry in Silicon Valley, California. At that time the concept of “The Digital Oilfield of the Future” (ref. CERA research paper) was gaining traction and all major oil & gas companies had a program.

    We’re all about emerging discipline – not IT, not engineering and not networks alone. We believe that our people are our greatest asset. We have managed to build a unique team of engineers that understood computers and networks, telecoms engineers that understood operations and IT experts that understood engineering. We’ve kept this team together, and continued to push forward the capabilities delivered and attracting great people ever since. What our systems will do is get the data to your people, and give your people access to key systems so that they can apply their knowledge. Smart people + Smart people = great solutions!