Diamed CO

Diamed Co. Syringe Manufacturing Plant is the first syringe production plant in Azerbaijan and South Caucasus. The plant was built in ecologically clean Pirallahi Industrial Park in 2017-2018. The annual production capacity of the plant that manufactures syringes of various sizes is 150 million.

Established as a joint venture with the state of Azerbaijan, Diamed Co. Syringe Manufacturing Plant covers 2 ha (hectare) land and 3000 m2 (square meter) indoor area.

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan launched the single syringe production plant serving the safety of the health of Azerbaijani population on May 16, 2019. The goal was to develop the pharmaceutical industry, meet the demands of the population for syringes and create reserves of syringes, a strategically important product.

The design of  Diamed Co. Syringe Manufacturing plant conforms to GMP standards; the production lines are in accordance with ISO 7886. Equipped with German, Swiss, English and Japanese equipment, the plant produces top-quality and absolutely harmless two-part syringes which require high technology.

Syringes being made of medical grade Polypropylene and Polyethylene by world leader INEOS and the needles being supplied by renowned Nipro of Japan which is regarded as the number one in the world, denote and prove high quality. The plant uses full hot runner molds by Fostag, Switzerland which is one of the globally leading companies. Full hot runner system ensures that syringes are of very high quality and impeccable.

Playing a crucial role in production, the Injection Molding Machines are made by Arburg, one of the world’s top companies that reflects German quality and preciseness. The assemly and packaging of the syringes are carried out on a fully automated English and Swiss machinery. Packed syringes are sterilized with a high concentration of Ethylene Oxide in a sterilizer by Teknomar. The indicators, sterility and quality of the produced syringes are regularly checked in the in-house technical and biology labs that are equipped with modern technology.

With the personnel of 50 people, the plant currently produces 150 million syringes of 4 different sizes – 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 20 ml with the slogan of “Made in Azerbaijan”.

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