Crispa Snacks

The “Crispa Snacks” LLC is an Azerbaijan based healthy snack production company that has been operating since the beginning of 2018. We produce quality dried apple chips of high quality, consisting of Royal Gala (red) and Granny Smith (green) varieties. We don’t use any old fruit in our chips. We only choose fresh varieties from where they are at their best for the healthiest, tastiest and purest snack possible. Our Granny Smith and Royal Gala apples are carefully selected for their taste and texture to make sure they have the perfect crunch.

Crispa chips are available from various supermarket chains in Azerbaijan. Due to effective technology of dehydration, 1 pack is equal to 3 fresh apples.

We love apple because they are not too sweet, have a moderate and natural taste. Apples balance daily nutrition and diet, including lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidant.

We believe that health and happiness are driven by what we eat and changing eating habits can create miracles. Clinical research has also proven that some illnesses (obesity, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetics and so on) can be triggered by unhealthy food consumption. We also aim to change some eating habits of the children, so that they can enjoy a better life as they grow. Keeping these reasons in our core, by changing the perceptions about nutrition and environmentally sound techniques to dry fruits and vegetables we wanted to serve people the best/cleanest/purest healthy snacks and created our brand “Crispa”.

We keep fruits and vegetables simple, we add nothing but love. No added sugar, no preservatives, no colorant. We just wash and dry the fruits applying a unique system. Our indoor dehydration system protects foods from the negative externalities of sunlight, dust and other harmful elements during the drying process so that aflatoxin formation and contamination, the main hygiene problem of food drying industry are prevented. As a result, the fruit and vegetables retain their real flavors and high nutritional value for 12 months.

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