Corn Processing Company

"Oghuz Corn Processing Plant"​ of "CPC"​ Ltd. (Corn Processing Company), that is equipped with modern technologies, enhanced its production line and re-established production in December 2015 and it is the only plant in Southern Caucasus that produces sugar substitutes.

"Oghuz Corn Processing Plant"​ consists of 4 production units:

Glucose production unit with 80 tons of corn processing capacity a day;
Drying unit with capacity 30 000 tons of corn granules storing and 48 tons/hour corn drying;
Production unit with fermented production capacity of 58 tons of glucose from G-38 to G-63 or 68 tons of fructose from F-42 to F-55 or 58 tons of maltose a day;
Dry corn starch production unit with 58 tons capacity.
Produced glucose, maltose, fructose, dry starch are used in food industry; by-products such as bran, corn crumbs, gluten are used in livestock breeding, poultry and fishery; corn core mostly used in corn oil production. By product of corn oil production oil cake is also used in livestock breeding. All of them are irreplaceable products.

Our products fully meet sugar substitute needs of local producers of non-alcoholic and carbonated drinks, beer, juices, jam, pastry, ice-cream, chocolate, caramel etc. and are enough to eliminate dependency from import of such products. Also, because of high quality of products we are also exporting to neighbor countries.

Using sugar substitutes increases quality of the final product, also decreases prime cost. Because of liquidity of glucose and fructose syrups can be added directly to production process without additional preparations.

In "Oghuz Corn Processing Plant"​ production process is fully automated and meets high hygiene, as well as food security standards. Glucose and fructose syrups presented for sales in plastic containers or in auto tanker. Other products are packaged in paper or polyethylene bags.

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