CityMed LLC

CityPharm LLC and СityMed LLC offer for medical institutions:

• Consulting on planning and complex equipping of medical institutions of various profiles;

• Complete detailed designing of the medical facility from beginning to full equipping;

• Professional selection of the necessary medical equipment;

• Training and management consulting programs;

Detailed designing of  medical facility includes:

• Designing of the radiological department, including camputations of all communications for tomographs, angiographs, rontgen technique, etc., designing for the department of cardiac surgery and invasive radiology, functional diagnostics, polyclinic and maternity departments, women’s health department, blood laboratories, molecular and forensic laboratories, departments of rehabilitation and physiotherapy;

• Designing clean and sterile rooms for operation and reanimation compartments, intensive therapy wards;

• Designing and equipping with equipment for supplying compressed air, vacuum, medical gases;

• Designing information, telecommunication, computer, server database stations, providing complete electronic activity of the institution;

• Designing energy supply systems, electric power lines and uninterruptible feeding systems;

• Designing and realization of a medical information system under the concrete tasks of the customer, providing complete electronic-computer systematization and archivization of medical, financial and economic activities of the medical institution;

• Designing medical air compressor stations, vacuum stations, stations and automatic ramps of medical gases, distribution networks of compressed air, medical gases;

• Designing terminal equipment for admission of compressed air, vacuum, medical gases;

• Designing montage, launching-regulation works, delivery of “under the key”.


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