Caspian Oilfield Services Inc.

    Welcome to the Caspian Oilfield Sevices Inc. company website, where you will find information regarding every aspect of our organization – what we do and where we operate; our mission, core values and leadership; as well as the latest company news.

    Caspian Oilfield Services is a part of well known IOT-DOSCO group with the head offices in Holland. IOT- DOSCO is a very strong group with operations in 23 areas of the world. lOT-DOSCO b.v is an international recognized rental and supply company in the

    oil, gas, salt, water/geothermal and HDD-Drilling industry with bases in the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Azerbaijan and United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

    As opportunities presented themselves, COS started a repair facility for down hole tools under agreements with Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Oil Tools, & Smith International and etc. In performing these services COS has acquired & established an API certified machine shop.


    Caspian Oilfield Services has 20,000+ sq. meters open area & 2500 of covered building with storage and office facilities including security. This property is located on the Salyan Highway near to the shipping port for offshore services.

    COS has trained personnel familiar with handling offshore supplies and technical personnel working on specialized services in the workshop. There is office staff & security located here included in this are a total of 24 people.

    COS has been responsible for bringing in a number of service companies to work under the COS umbrella & have continued to do so. All of these companies are still working with COS as the management company for them.COS offers office & warehouse facilities plus marketing and logistics help.

    We support many companies in Azerbaijan and our prices are very competitive.