Caspian International Broadcasting Company

CBC TV channel offers its audience unbiased coverage of developments, diverse programs and, most importantly, CBC is the only broadcaster covering news in 4 languages - Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Armenian. CBC, which is the first international television channel of Azerbaijan, is off to a vigorous start to inform the world community about the joy, challenges, victories and achievements of Azerbaijan.

The TV channel is broadcasting around the clock, encompassing a territory spanning from the European part of Russia to the Hindustan Peninsula; from the Balkan Peninsula to the eastern border of China. A single system of news selection is applied in the CBC coverage, taking into consideration the specificity of the broadcasting language of each of the five departments.

The editorial policy dwells upon not providing our own assessment of the developments, but referencing the viewpoints of all sides involved. CBC's creative and technical capacities currently allow preparing high-quality programs with high ratings, in a great variety of genres. Our objective is prompt and effective delivery of news to each viewer, based on which the viewers may generate their own opinions. We present the facts and let you make the conclusion on your own.

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