B.EST Solutions

    Mobile-ID website: www.asanimza.az Company website: www.bestsolutions.ee B.EST Solutions founded in 2009, is a fast-growing​ IT-services company and solutions provider active in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Republic of Estonia and Azerbaijan. Our strength relies on international and domestic processes management experience. Our specialists have played a remarkable role in the implementation of the biggest e-solutions in Azerbaijan and Estonia. We provide dependable and efficient mission-critical systems for telecommunications, PKI based solutions, e-Government services, etc. We cooperate with large e-solution developers and technology providers from Azerbaijan, Estonia, France, Netherlands, Sweden and other countries.

    B.EST Solutions has grown into a strong international company with its offices in Azerbaijan and Estonia serving the most demanding customers from governmental and business sectors. B.EST Solutions is also the national operating company of Mobile-ID Center in Azerbaijan and technical operator of the national certification authority under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes providing services of ASAN ID-cards, Asan İmza (Mobile ID) and digital stamping.

    The core function of B.EST Solutions is to ensure reliability and integrity for the electronic and mobile infrastructure behind the ASAN ID-card and Asan İmza systems as well as its users and service providers (public sector, banks, businesses and telecom companies). B.EST Solutions is a member of Europe's leading independent not-for-profit Think Tank – EEMA – the European Association for e-Identity and Security. B.EST Solutions joins EEMA to drive cross-border mobile identity services between Europe and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our export is mainly focused on Middle-East, Asia and Africa.