Azerbaijan Food and Packaging Company is a food-products company based in Baku, Azerbaijan. Launched in 2010, it has 3 business lines : Dairy Production, High Quality Packaging Production and AzFruitty. Dairy production is represented under company brand famous as Milla.

Milla Brand Launched in 2011 by Azerbaijan Food & Packaging Company, Milla brand set a clear goal - offering locally produced, high quality dairy products. Company has power of producing Milla products on 12 production lines within 24 hours, to ensure that products are safe and fresh when they are delivered into the market. Milk which is used in production is collected from company`s farmland in Qabala (about 25,000 liters each day), which is pasteurised after collection for safety. With highly skilled international and local team totaling 400+ employers, fresh milk and finest raw ingredients, latest processing and packaging technology, and strict quality control system, Milla maintains consumers`​ confidence and trust.