AGT- Trading

Timely loadings and greater flexibility in terms of volumes
We utilise our full capacity to ensure the loading schedules are attained. Not only can we source large volumes, but also, should our partners request small volumes that are normally non-feasible to organise in stand-alone basis, we can combine it with other volumes to provide cost efficiency.

Exclusive Access to the Refineries
We have well established partnership relations with the local refineries and can source majority of the products with relative ease.

Availability of Major Products for Immediate Dispatch
Working with large volumes means we have the product in availability most of the time, thus can realise dispatch with short notice.

Logistical Expertise
Our expertise covers, railway, auto truck and sea operations. Moreover we have years of experience in conducting transshipment operations at the local facilities. Being well aware of the most "unknown" or "unexpected" quality and quantity related issues, we can minimise the expsure to risks.

Financial Strength
Having support of the major banks gives us flexibility in terms of financing our deals.

Proven Track Record of Resolving Various Formality Issues
Deep knowledge of the operations and well established relations at each stage of the delivery process allows us to avoid unnecessary delays without extra costs.

Flexible Pricing Structures
Working together with our partners we are able to offer flexible pricing structures and minimise exposure to pricing risks.