Senior NodeJS developer

İşin təsviri

We have four main products:

  • The customer app;
  • The driver app;
  • The facility portal (many small apps within);
  • The Admin panel.

There are also some integrations with the hardware equipment.

The customer app, facility portal, and admin panel have been refreshed recently. The driver app will need some refactoring but is stable. There is a big opportunity for joiners.

Product teams consist of four primary entities: Supply, Demand, Experience (XP), and Cost Optimization Team (COT), with 3 to 6 developers each. They are cross-functional, self-sufficient, and highly autonomous teams, working in direct cooperation with Product Managers, UX Designers, and Back-end Engineers. Our product managers work with product designers, engineers, and researchers to deliver the industry's best product experience.

The technology we use:

  • NodeJS, Python, PHP;
  • SailsJS, React, React Native as framework;
  • DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, ArrangDB;
  • Postman, Jest, SuperTest;
  • AWS, Docker, Git, Azure CI/CD pipeline.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • You will work alongside the product teams and product managers to iterate on new features within the Product;
  • As a Senior Engineer, you will take responsibility for the design and execution of your own initiatives;
  • You will help identify areas of improvement in the codebase and help contribute to making it better;
  • You will frequently pair with teammates to give and receive feedback from a code review to boost knowledge-sharing, learning, and improve the platform;
  • You will fix any prioritized bug/issues tracked within the platform;
  • You will participate as a presenter or attendee in weekly coding or knowledge-sharing sessions;
  • You will help develop talent internally by mentoring and helping junior talent;
  • You will learn, develop your soft skills and spend time discussing best practices and technologies with your peers;
  • You will get the opportunity to take part in the hiring process of some engineers.


  • You collaborate well with others;
  • You take ownership over your work;
  • You are delivery-focused. You ship reliable code at a good speed;
  • You communicate openly and respectfully. No side-talks or back-channels. If you think it, you should say it. Disagreements are productive when they are communicated in a professional and objective manner;
  • You have high minimum standards. You do not do work just to get it out of the way. You’re always thinking of the future version of yourself and others who may have to visit your work;
  • You are not a Yes-person. You push back against ideas you consider to be poorly thought-out;
  • You are able to communicate your point of view with clarity;
  • You proactively communicate delays or challenges you are experiencing, and seek the input, help or advice of others if needed;
  • You are relentless in your pursuit of a solution. You are resourceful in researching online knowledge and tapping into your community of colleagues on how to solve problems.