Universal-Az LLC

Being a part of Universal Group, Universal Az LLC specializes primarily in supply of construction materials, relevant equipment, industrial consumables and goods for oil-gas sector. Universal AZ LLC, which has been operating in the construction industry since 2006, is engaged in the sale of construction materials that have been produced abroad and imported to Azerbaijan, also with the equipment for oil-gas industry. Since the beginning of May 2010, by having many years of experience, we are the official representatives of worldwide brands (Bosch, Beta,Magmaweld, Netlift Henkel, Saint Gobain, Atlas Copca, Mosa, etc.) which have gained the trust of customers operate in Azerbaijan. Our goal is to meet demands for construction materials in Azerbaijan by high quality products and to contribute to the development of this area. Only Universal AZ LLC provides the best service to work with original and high-quality equipment. The representative firms of the company have training certificates and our specialists can solve any technical problem that you face during equipments'​ usage.


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