TEAS PRESS Publishing House was established by the European Azerbaijan Society to raise publishing in Azerbaijan to a new level: to publish works of Azerbaijani authors to the highest publishing standards; to make high quality translations of academic and popular literature into Azerbaijani; and to publish these works for worldwide distribution. TEAS PRESS also seeks to increase knowledge and interest in Azerbaijan abroad through publications in English, Turkish and Russian.
One of the main publishing goals of TEAS PRESS Publishing House is to forge a change in the quality of fiction and nonfiction available to children and teenagers in Azerbaijani. With this in mind, TEAS PRESS founded its children’s division, taking the name of the Imprint from the traditional ending of Azerbaijani tales: “Three apples fell from the sky, one for me, one for you, and one for the storyteller.” Since its establishment, Three Apples (üç alma) has brought some of the most famous and beloved international children’s authors into print in Azerbaijani. Three Apples is also currently actively engaged in publishing the best home-grown authors and illustrators from Azerbaijan. Popular fiction and up-to-date information books are being continually added to its impressive catalog of literature for children in Azerbaijani.

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