STmark Marketing & Consulting

"STmark" is a marketing and consulting company, operating since 2007. The company aims to provide its services (business consulting, marketing research and training) to private, family-owned and stock structured businesses of a large to small and any type of product-based or service-based companies including manufactures and producers, distributors,trading companies, wholesalers, banks, insurance, consulting, counselors, telecommunication operators, internet providers, real estate, hotels, travel agencies, medical, retail, restaurants and cafes, independent entrepreneurs, investors and individuals. Our mission is to create strategies for companies operating in Azerbaijan to achieve competitive advantage in the market, giving business advisings that increase profitability, improving professional knowledge and skill levels of personnel.

The main goal of “STmark” is to make its clients’ businesses growth by providing quality research services, marketing strategic assumptions and training services and to ensure their needs are met and business advanced. Our team consists of professional consultants and specialists who have international experience. Our services: 1. Expertise organizations’ activities; 2. Strategic Analysis; 3.Optimizing company’s profitability (business processes); 4. Restructuring of organization or sales and marketing department 5. Analysis of the market and competition; 6. Marketing research; 7. Marketing-planning; 8. Inventory Optimization (ABC analysis) 9. Trainings / Workshops / Master classes; 10.Certification of sales and marketing department employees.

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