"AAS-ATE Joint Venture LLC specializes in all aspects of waste management providing both technical and economical solutions that are professional and reliable. All activities are underpinned by local legislation.

The company follows the waste management hierarchy and wherever possible uses the latest technology to ensure that the environmental footprint of the activity remains as low as possible. The company operates its own waste management facility."

Our History

"AAS-ATE JV LLC has been operating in Azerbaijan and the Caspian Region since 2008.

The company was established as a joint venture with the Netherlands based company AA Services (operating in Azerbaijan since 1996) and local based Absheron Tullantilarinin Emali (ATE) Company.

AAS-ATE JV LLC is rated amongst the best waste management companies within the country.

AAS-ATE JV LLC provides experienced, knowledgeable teams and innovative, technical and effective solutions for the handling, transportation, treatment and disposal of a wide range of waste.

The company primarily provides specialist waste management support to the construction and oil and gas sector."